Friday, July 25, 2008

FSW: Cross Dress Edition

Richard tossed this one out last week. And, like him, I've waited until the last minute to crank it out.

Not to self: Start tossing out ideas earlier in the week.

Next week theme: Procrastination

All right. This here's what we call a "blackout". A quickie that, hopefully, ends with a laugh. Much like my sex life.

Party Pops

(A team of ad execs are sitting around a table. There are take out contains littered everywhere. Everyone is fried.)

James: We've been at this all night. Let's just call it and get some sleep.

Peter: No. We have (looking at watch) four hours until deadline. Come guys, we can do this.

(David hops to his feet and starts doing jumping jacks.)

David: We just need a little energy. We've got some decent ideas here. We just need that one killer idea to push us over the top.

Martin: All right, if no one else is going to say it, I'll point out the huge elephant in the room. This product is  just not marketable.

James: Every product is marketable, Martin. We just have to find the right angle.

Martin: We've come at this thing from every angle imaginable. There's just no way we're going to make Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public race out the grocery store and buy a pack of Boy George's new "Party in Your Mouth Popsicles." I mean, for god's sake, they're even ribbed.