Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday Night Sketch War: First Dates Edition

W00t! Welcome to the new home for Sketch War. In our first battle in the new stadium, three warriors gave their all. Ninjas, knives, guns, God's wrath, lightning, and truthiness. Two talky-talky sketches against one without a word.

Not bad for the first go 'round here in our new digs. I just wish I could figure out where the blood drains in the kill pit are.

Next week's topic is 3:34AM. Peter made three suggestions, two of them were nice and conventional. So of course I picked his third. But like Sky Masterson...
My time of day is the dark time
A couple of deals before dawn
When the street belongs to the cop
And the janitor with the mop
And the grocery clerks are all gone.
If you want to play along, write a sketch and send it, or a link to it, to And be sure to come back next Friday for more humor and mayhem.