Friday, May 30, 2008

FSW: Man Down Edition

The day got away from me. End of the month is always hectic at work. Add in a little rehearsal, a lot of wedding stuff and you've got yourself a Sketch War without the "war".

Richard, The Universal Soldier, comes through as always with a topical sketch about the sleeper cell that is Rachel Ray.

I haven't heard from Dave since RAW closed. Hopefully he didn't go overboard on the wine and end up in the Lake.

I'm afraid the next couple weeks could be more of the same. I'll try and get some things together so you won't miss me while I'm off on the honeymoon.


R.A. Porter said...

I shoulda had Tony Curtis and Ernest Borgnine in my sketch this week...'cause they've already done this! :)

I hope you're not wearing the Cranky Pants every day. You need to get some time to breathe in there, especially with the wedding day loooooming. Try to get up early one day this weekend - just a bit after dawn - take your camera, and go for a nice two- or three-mile walk. You'll feel miles better with the fresh air, sunshine (hopefully,) and chance to take some photos in the early morning sun.