Friday, May 23, 2008

FSW: Office Edition

Richard's playing doctor this week.

Dave is quiet at the moment. Perhaps his still dreaming about his dream job.

Your sketch is probably really funny. But since you won't let us read it we'll never know.

I really wanted to have a Memorial Day themed sketch today. But that just seemed like too much work. So here's my entry this week.


The Day Job

(An office cubicle. Jarred sits at his desk entering data. He is having a hard time staying awake. Colleen enters and stands behind his chair, watching him work.)

COLLEEN: Man, I love the way you tear into a spreadsheet.

JARRED: (Not taking his eyes off the screen.) Hey, Colleen.

COLLEEN: Seriously, it’s like watching Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel or something.


COLLEEN: If I didn’t have my own work to do, I could just stand here, watching you do this all day long.

JARRED: Thanks.

(She pats him on the back.)

COLLEEN: Well keep up the awesome, awe-inspiring work.

JARRED: Will do.

(Colleen exits. Barry pops his head over Jarred’s cube wall.)

BARRY: Man, Colleen’s going a little overboard with this new positive reinforcement initiative, don’t you think?

JARRED: Seriously. Does she really think going around to everyone and comparing their data entry to master painters is going to make us work harder?

BARRY: She compared you to a painter?

JARRED: Michelangelo.

BARRY: She didn’t say anything like that to me.


BARRY: All I got was a blowjob.

(Jarred stops typing.)

BARRY: Well, better get back to it.

(Barry disappears back to his cube. Jarred sighs and starts typing again.)