Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Sketch War - Back to School Edition

Wow. A week's gone by. I guess you gotta be careful when you start looking for change. Cause then things change.

Anyhow, it's Friday. I'm very exicted to announce we have a new battler in our midst.

Ken has been spying on us from San Francisco and decided to join the fight this week. Be sure to give him a nice Sketch War welcome.

Richard is raiding his father's wardrobe for today's sketch.

Dave is silently stalking us as always. I'm sure we'll hear his battle cry soon enough.

"Back to School" was my suggestion and I've had fun working on it. Enjoy!

In Country with Young Men

(A rubble-strewn city street. Burned out cars and demolished storefronts. A group of well armed, heavily armored people appear around the corner. Crouching, they hurry to a position behind an abandoned car.)

Johnson: (Into radio) Strongarm, Strongarm, be advised, we are in position, have visual of the target.

(The radio squawks with static.)

Strongarm: (Over radio) Roger that. Proceed to objective.

(Johnson turns to the rest of the group.)

Johnson: All right, this is it. Everyone stay close and keep your eyes peeled.

Tank: There’s a lot of open ground between here and there.

Johnson: You’re not going soft on me now, are you Tank?

Tank: Just sayin’. We got some cherries with us never been this close to the heat.

Johnson: Kansas! Up front.

(A young man with thick glasses awkwardly makes his way to the front of the group. He is sweating profusely and looks like he might throw up at any moment.)

Johnson: You ready for this?

Kansas: I…I…I’m not sure. I’ve never…I mean, I don’t even know…

Johnson: Listen up you limp dick. We’re headed into that building across the street and we need everyone to pull their own weight. You lag behind or stop to catch your breath and you’re toast. Got it? If I think, even for a second, you’re in danger of jeopardizing this operation I’ll drop you myself. Understood?

(Kansas swallows hard and pushes up his glasses. He readjusts this backpack and grips his rifle.)

Kansas: Yes sir.

Johnson: The rest of you pack of do-nuthins. You know the drill. You can do this shit in your sleep. I want a clean entry. We move on my mark.

(Everyone nods and readies themselves. Some people cross themselves. Others kiss their guns. Kansas looks nervously around. Mags, a young woman with a shock of red hair sticking out from under her helmet, slides up next to him.)

Mags: Don’t worry about Johnson. He’s always rough on the new kids. He’ll get you there in one piece though.

Kansas: I don't think I'll ever get used to this.

Mags: What? You didn't have to go to school in Wichita?

Kansas: We did. But we took the bus.

(Johnson stands, rifle at the ready.)

Johnson: Go! Go! Go!

(They begin to move across the street. Shots ring out. Johnson and Tank lay down cover fire.)

Mags: (To Kansas) Stick close and shoot anything that moves!

(She fires her rifles and begins running. Kansas runs behind her.)

Mags: Oh, and welcome to Detroit!

(More shots. An explosion rains debris down on the them. They make their way across the street and into a building marked "Henry Ford Public High School" as another explosion sends them diving through the doors. As the dust settles we hear the bell ring.)



Ken Robertson said...

Somehow, the memory of getting chased by the neighbor's doberman as I got off the bus isn't nearly as frightening now :)

Great piece!

R.A. Porter said...

So, these bastids at my company have been making me *work* lately...I'm only now getting around to reading your sketch. Excellent as always, Mr. B.

I see the fresh air hitting your cheeks has reinvigorated you!