Friday, February 13, 2009

Pimp My TV Wrapup

Another great fight this week with six warriors bringing eight sketches. Yeah, we got a little crazy.

I'm really proud of our output this week and hope everyone finds at least one or two sketches they enjoy. Be sure to leave comments to let us know what you think.

Next week we're changing things up a little bit. Because they asked the Twitterverse for it, we're going to write sketches - hopefully ones that could be expanded into TV shows - intended to star @stephenfry and @BrentSpiner.

If you think you've got the comedy chops to do battle with our scarredand bitter warriors, if you dare step into the hailstorm of seltzer andcream pies, if you think you're MAN ENOUGH to make us laugh, write asketch and contact us at sketchwar(nospam)


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