Saturday, January 3, 2009

Peter's Commentary on the 'Christmas Presents' Edition

Still a bit behind in writing commentary on the Friday Sketch War. I thought I'd deliver a few words about the "Christmas Presents" round.

We'd talked about maybe skipping the 12/26 week of sketchwar, on account of everybody'd be busy with the holidays. But a couple of us believed strongly in the "it's easier to keep writing than to stop and then start again" school of writing. We compromised by having a week where we just wrote mini-scenes. Two lines of dialog. Like comedy-sketch haiku.

The results of the "Sketch Skirmish" are here.

I had fun with my little two-line thing. Given the freedom to toss off anything without worrying about developing it for a few pages, I wound up with the sort of mean-spirited surrealism that characterizes most of the humor in my immediate family. The other two competitors were more talk-y and think-y, which resulted in exchanges that were rather interesting, whereas mine was just a quick, "Wait, what just happened?!"

All in all, I declare the compromise plan a success. We all were able to throw something together, and we were well-prepared to keep the train going the following week.